About Us

Meet Our President

Jonathan Henville, President, is a cancer survivor and the person from whose life’s circumstances generated the impetus for starting this non-profit corporation in 2002. At three years old Jonathan was diagnosed with Acute Lymphatic Leukemia while his family lived in the Caribbean. The medical services were inadequate to treat Jonathan’s cancer, and as a US citizen his family’s first thought was to return him to the United States where he was diagnosed and received his chemotherapy protocol. Jonathan’s chemotherapy treatment lasted over seven years. 

Today he gives thanks to his God for sparing his life so he can now help other children with similar needs and circumstances. The Foundation has helped to build Habitat for Humanity homes, families have received hearing aids, personal items, school supplies and assistance with

securing second medical opinions. Jonathan hopes that no other child may experience his near death experiences and economic devastation his family had to go through. Jonathan’s life was speared for the higher purpose of helping other families not lose their children to sickness because a lack of resources restrict their access to second opinions and better health care. No child should die because their family cannot afford the cost of a doctor’s care or the right medicine to cure his/her medical condition. Jonathan has willed his life to helping such families.

Our Partners (constantly growing)

Our achievements are made possible through the generosity of the many individuals and organizations who have entrusted us with their charitable giving. The following corporations and businesses have donated generously to our programs.

Starkey Hearing Foundation

Four Seasons Homeowners Association

Habitat for Humanity-DeKalb

Mount Nevis Hotel

Sea Bridge

Carib Breweries

Nevis Island Administration

Federal Government of St. Kitts & Nevis

Nevis Island Water